Friday, January 7, 2011

Where's Emma????

Where is Emma?

There she is!

I was SO lucky that my sister, Karen, and my friend, Jessica, came over this evening!  The kids were a wreck after naps.  OK, actually, Kendall was super-sweet, but then Emma and Clark were completely out-of-control which sent poor little Kendall over the edge as well (if only I could share the 30 seconds of video that I shot of them screaming and crying uncontrollably).  Fortunately, Auntie Karen arrived and I was able to fix dinner (I sort of thought maybe that was the problem).  And then Jessica arrived.  Emma, in her hesitant and slightly anti-social way, sort of snubbed her and stuck to Auntie Karen like glue, but Kendall turned on the charm.  She was completely happy to have a guest in the house.  Clark gave a few sly looks and he too was hooked on our friend.  She kept them happy while I got through bathtime with each one individually (have I mentioned how much I enjoy the one-on-one time?).
Things are quiet from the kids' rooms, so I'm crossing my fingers that they get a good night's sleep. 

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