Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I didn't want to get my usual camera out in the super fluffy (and very wet) snow fall this afternoon, so I grabbed the point-and-shoot. The pictures aren't really the best quality, but I hope that I was able to capture the spirit of the fun we were having outside.
The snowman turned out to be as big as the kids and they loved it. I grabbed a real carrot for the nose and both Kendall and Emma tried to chew on it (while it was on Mr. Snowman's face). The girls went on a hunt for sticks to serve as arms. I wish I had grabbed an extra hat and scarf to add a little more personality, but it was fun.
The biggest challenge was keeping little hands warm and dry as their mittens get soaked and fall off too easily. Oh, and there was also the challenge of avoiding doggie doo-doo that was hiding underneath that beautiful blanket of snow. Mommy didn't manage to dodge the poo-poo bomb, but everyone else came in with clean boots. Whew!

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