Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Special-time" with Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom

Kendall had an outing with Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom today.  Our sitter has helped us realize that it really is important for the kids to get used to having one-on-one time with friends and family members.  They each need to know that they will get a "turn" for this "special time".  It's hard because they get so excited and then sort of flip out if it is not their turn.  But it really is getting easier, though we do tend to sort of get a little sneaky.

Anyway, back to Kendall's time.  They took her to Zuma to try out the kiddie rides and games.  She actually won enough tickets to "buy" bracelets for her brother, sissy and herself.  It was very sweet.  They also made brownies and had lunch at Wendy's.  When we met them to pick her up, she was so cute and excited to see us, but more importantly, sissy.  She was SO happy to run up to Emma and show her the bracelet!  How precious.  (Especially since later this evening, she bit Emma's finger - and got hot sauce/bite juice.  Ugh!).

Here are pics from Auntie Karen:

That's all for tonight.  Happy Clean Sheet Sunday!

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