Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to Kendall, Emma and Clark! We are THREE!!!!

Kendall was too cute in the hat, but Emma wouldn't have hers for the entire day.  Booger!

Birthday lunch outside the aquarium.  There were quite a few kids because of a school trip.  They were fascinated.

Watching the butterflies.

Butterfly up close.

Cool plant up close that reminded me of our trip to Kauai....many moons ago.

Underexposed picture of Emma trying to find "Nemo."  Can you see him?

The girls inside one of those tubes where they can come up in the middle of a tank.

We took another trek to Chattanooga to check out the Discovery Center and the Aquarium.  Once again, our memberships have REALLY been a great investment for our family.  We packed up a lunch and had lots of fun at the children's museum. 

Emma and I participated in a painting class.  They have an exhibit upstairs that just began and was a lot of fun.  It's all about getting healthy - eating right and getting exercise.  The exhibits were perfect for their age and we spent lots of time up there.  We also climbed up the tower (all the way to the top) and saw things from "way up high."  The have a garden where you can "pick" veggies and a farmer's market where you are able to "buy" other fruits and veggies. 

We also did a quick run through the ocean side of the aquarium.  We enjoy that part because of the butterfly exhibit and we sort of know that we can get through it pretty quickly.  Once we left, we bribed them by asking for good behavior with a promise of lollipops and it worked!  They did so well walking all the way back to the car and getting changed before loading up to head home. 

It was a good birthday weekend with lots of pictures and fun memories.   Thank you to the friends and family who were here with us in person or in spirit for such a special THIRD BIRTHDAY!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday to our favorite 3 year olds...Kendall, Emma and Clark. Beautiful pictures. We love you! Hugs and kisses!

sachin sharma said...

many many happy returns of the day Kids .. :-)