Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wintertime Picnic and Fun in the Sun!

The weather was sunny and beautiful, though still chilly at about 39 degrees today, but we decided that we had to get the kids outdoors to soak up some of the sunshine.  I packed up a picnic and we headed out with chalk and a ball and went to the elementary school playground that we love.

It was definitely the right decision because the kids were so happy to get some time on a swing and a slide.  They also were all doing so well climbing up ladders and a pseudo-rock wall.  It was a little muddy because of all of the rain and snow we've had lately, but the sunshine felt amazing.

Later today.......

Daddy grabbed the camera  because Kendall was being so sweet and fun.  The other two were still napping and she was playing quietly with some toys that I keep in small tote bags for opportunities like this.  I pack the totes with little toys they don't see very often (toys from Happy Meals, calculators, card games, etc.) and have them available in case something unusual comes up (or while Clark's teachers are here).  It makes them feel special and helps to distract them from all of the other things in the living room that aren't really for little hands.

It's time for me to call it a night and have some quiet time.  Nightie-night.

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