Saturday, January 8, 2011

Who's That? What's This? Whhhhhhyyyyyy?

Yup.  The questions have begun.  At least Kendall's questions.  I'm sure that the other two will be asking questions soon as well.  Kendall is asking a million questions and many are repeats from a prior discussion.  She loves to hear the book We Love Baseball (courtesy of Aunt Marsha and her cousins) and every night she asks the same questions while pointing to the same pictures - "Who's that?" "What's that?"  "What's her doing?"  They still have some pronoun problems where they think that everyone is a "she" and a "her", but I've been working to explain that Daddy, Teddy and Clark are boys and therefore "he, him and his" apply.   And she is just beginning to ask "Why?" constantly.  It's cute and sweet, but I can see how this might get just a little old after the 5,000th time.

Clark and Emma seem to be stuck in the "no" phase these days - "No diapers." "No hair dryer." "No jammies." "No music."  Seriously????  All of the things that are just normal and required get an insistent "no" from them and it's definitely getting frustrating.  I think they are testing our limits, so I'm just pushing through and doing the things that will get done.  We've had to resort to putting them back in their rooms/beds to settle down when they just can't seem to get it under control.  It actually seems to work and I'm sort of thinking that they just want the peace and quiet.

I've gotta get this posted and shut it down for the night.

But WHHHYYYYYY???????????????????

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