Thursday, January 6, 2011

No More Sickies

I had a throw up incident.  OK, actually two, but one of them wasn't a child of mine and well, actually wasn't a child either.  But that's another story. 
Anyway, Kendall had a tummy incident, but otherwise seems just fine.  We sort of went skimpy on dinner and skipped snack, so I'm expecting them to wake up and ask us to take them to Cracker Barrel.
I was only able to get a few pictures since I was a tad more worried about avoiding any other tummy incidents.  Poor little ones when they get sick.  They still don't understand "what hurts" and all of that, so it's a weird thing to explain.  Tummy sick is bad, so we are hoping that it was just a fluke (not a bug) and that it's all behind us and will not be shared between all three.

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Karen said...

Hope "Special K" feels better. Hugs from Auntie Karen. ♥