Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zuma Birthday Party Fun

We had a party at Zuma today for mostly family and "family".  You know, the sitters and additional aunties and friends who are now like family to us.  It was short but sweet and I think the kids had a great time.  They played games, ate pizza and cake and had Pixie Stix.  Yes, Pixie Stix. 

Emma showing us how to play skee ball.

Clark learning the strategy behind skee ball.

Cousin Marshall mastering a game.

Uncle Tom and Daddy playing basketball with Clarkie.

Sue, Greg, Nanny Barb and the girls "driving crazy."

Cousin David and Clark getting a head start on the pizza.

Happy Birthday to Kendall!

Happy Birthday to Emma!

Is this a trick candle?

Happy Birthday to Clark!

Icing is GOOOOOOD!

Poo Pa likes Pixie Stix!

Emma is also a Pixie Stix fan.

Drinkin' some chocolate milk with Alicia.

Poo Pa is so nice when he shares his chocolate icing.

Clark talking to his new friend, Joe.
We also hit the park after the party today because we wanted to burn off a little of that sugar before trying to get them down for naps.  I thought I'd save those pictures for another day.
Tomorrow is a birthday party for their new friend, Joe, so we will be out and about again for some fun and excitement (and more sugar, I'm sure). 
We might have to continue the celebration by opening a few more presents.  This afternoon, we opened gifts from Mr. Mike and Ms. Lisa and also from Nanny Barb.  We've decided to spread them out over a few days in order for them to actually get to enjoy the new toys and not get overwhelmed.  Kendall was so happy to get a pink backpack (Clark and Ems already have their own backpacks), some fun hair accessories and a Viewmaster.  Emma got a horse-y purse, dress up doll and her own Viewmaster.  And Clark got a train puzzle, a horse trailer/truck and yes, his own Viewmaster too.  We spent the afternoon enjoying the fun of the new toys. 
I hope that everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather today (if you were in East TN, anyway)!  We are looking forward to more sunshine and warmer temperatures again.  Bring on Spring!


Karen said...

What a great time. They had so much fun and it was a joy watching them celebrate their 3rd birthday! Hugs and kisses! ♥♥♥

Anonymous said...

It looks like it was fun. I'm sorry I missed it. - tlm