Sunday, January 23, 2011

Girl Time

Mommy and Daddy had the girls today while Clark went with Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom.  We took the girls to the pet store to check out the fish, hamsters, birds and cats (no dogs, which is too bad because we are definitely dog-people).  Then we took a short walk to the bookstore to hang out for a while.  They love seeing all of the toys and books.  It's interesting that Emma is often drawn to pull out books that we have at home, rather than new ones that she hasn't seen before.  I'm guessing that it is because those books are familiar but I still find it interesting to watch what any of them choose to play with when we are out and about.
We had lunch at Wishbones (a favorite chicken place where we were able to get half-off deals a while back) and Auntie Karen brought Clark there to meet up with us.  It was so precious to see how excited he was to get back with his sisters.

All in all we had some fun this weekend and we are excited about their upcoming birthday celebration next weekend.
Happy Clean Sheet Sunday!

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