Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bubble Gum Activity

The kids were pretty wild when Daddy got home this evening, so it looked like they wouldn't be going down anytime soon.  We had them running laps and jumping off of a small stool just in an effort to let them burn off some energy (and an unwillingness to hear them scream if we tried to redirect their activities).
Anyway, I was chewing gum and forgot how intriguing that can be to a toddler.  Emma saw it first and continued to ask me to blow bubbles, let her touch it, etc.  Then Kendall got in on the fun.  She kept saying "One finger?" because that's the new rule about touching things....use only one finger.  Clark was excited too, but had other things to occupy him for most of the time I was blowing bubbles. 
Daddy had to grab the point-and-shoot and even had Kendall take some shots (see below).

These are Kendall's shots:

I think there is some potential there. 

Here are some with the kids trying to get in on the bubble-blowing fun.....

For the record, I'd like to mention that it is 11:45pm and it seems that Emma has finally fallen asleep.  They were up until sometime around 10p and she has been singing and partying it up in her crib for the last 60-80 minutes.  It appears that she has managed to wear herself out for the evening though.
We have a big day tomorrow (nothing fun, just appointments and work, but a lot all crammed into a short amount of time), so I'm going to end this for now.
Happy Hump Day!

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