Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Play doh is a good thing!

Since the weather outside is still "frightful" and incredibly cold (though we are finally seeing some sunshine today), we (the sitters, Mommy and Daddy) are always trying to find something to do to keep these kiddos occupied.  We were so fortunate that they received some super fun Play doh sets for Christmas from a few different people.  I have learned (with the help of one sitter), that it makes sense to put something underneath the area where Play doh play will occur (sheet, table cloth, plastic) because those little scraps end up stuck to and in everything later.

I wanted to mention (quickly as the kids are waking up from their naps) that I set up two new "pages" where I will be making notes and posting thoughts about our process of decluttering and also trying to get organized and live more simply.  This is really going to take some work, especially for me because I always think I should buy things that are a great deal if we might use them later.  It doesn't matter if it's for tomorrow or ten years from now if it's a REALLY GOOD DEAL.  But it just means that we have too much stuff.  And we are spending too much money.  And I am spending too much time trying to keep track of it all.  So I hope you will check out those pages, post your comments and check out the links.  I'm really excited about the meal planning site and also the incredibly simple budget site. 
So, Happy Hump Day - yes, it's Wednesday and we are more than halfway through the week.  I've got to get moving so that the kids and I can burn up some energy this afternoon.

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