Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Sunny Saturday....Just Before a Big Boomer of a Storm

PooPa and I took the kids to a farmer's market in town today and had a good time shopping for local stuff.   He pushed Kendall around in her stroller while I managed Clark and Emma.  The good news is that I've found that the little boxes of raisins are the best entertainment package for the kids when we are out and about.  They love them and they love the fact that they have their "own" box. 
Once I dropped PooPa off at his house, the kids and I came home to run around in the stifiling hot shady garage to burn off a little energy before naps.  After a quick snack and some story time, they all went down somewhat cooperatively for naps. 
I decided to go ahead and post my pics and update for the day so that I can take a break this evening.  If I happen upon a story or some pictures that I just HAVE to share, I'll be back again later, otherwise, see you on Clean Sheet Sunday. : )

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