Thursday, June 10, 2010

Date Night with Clark

Mommy and Daddy had a date with Clark thanks to Auntie Deb and her friend, Miss Cindy.  Daddy took Clark for a haircut and then to Books-A-Million to play in the kids area because they have a super-cool train table.  They had a little snack while they were visiting with friends who work at the store.  Meanwhile, I was fixing dinner for the girls before Auntie Deb and her friend arrived.  Once they were here, they agreed that I was welcome to leave and meet up with my guys for dinner and they would play with the girls and get baths done. 
By the time I went to meet the boys, Clark was in the midst of  a full-scale meltdown.  Apprarently that train table is so cool that he just wasn't willing to leave.  Daddy met me at Fazoli's where my son and I feasted on breadsticks and pasta.  Yummy.  Then we headed to Menchi's (spelling???) for frozen yogurt and a quick shopping errand.  Daddy had more errands to run, so cutie-Clark and I headed home and Auntie Deb was kind enough to give him a bath.  [Note: I had two shots in my wrist today due to a case of tendonitis - AGAIN, but my other wrist - so I was not worth a poop when it came to lifting the kids or bathing and changing them this evening.]  Thankfully Auntie Deb had the girls squeaky-clean and ready for bed.  They left shortly after I got home and I was able to spend some time reading with the kids and watching the neighbor's grandson practice throwing (baseball).  He waved to the kids because they were watching him from the front bay window and he knows that he provides them with lots of fun entertainment.  It was so cute to see the kids wave back and hear them cheering T on from across the street. : )  Daddy got them all tucked-in safe and sound afterwards.
Thanks Auntie Deb and Miss Cindy for your help.  Troy and I are hoping for another "date-night" with one of the girls next week. It was lots of fun and SO easy when it was both of us and just one child. We were really able to enjoy the time (Clark sat in a booster seat instead of a high chair - BIG BOY!) and it was just so cozy to share yogurt in one bowl with three spoons.

Everyone is asleep and we are finally able to call it a day.  I'm hopeful that the wrist will be miraculously healed by tomorrow otherwise this could be a L-O-N-G weekend!

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Karen said...

Little cuties. I'm sure C loved his mommy & daddy time. Can't wait to see them tonight. Love the new blog picture and layout. :)