Friday, June 18, 2010

Three Years Later

Thirty-six months ago we went to our fertility specialist one more time.  We had been trying to have a baby (really folks, just one) since getting married more than two and a half years prior, but without success (aside from a miscarriage and later an ectopic pregnancy).  I haven't bothered to detail our journey because it just wasn't the priority once we were pregnant with triplets.  I began writing on the blog to document our pregnancy and the lives of our children for family and friends and for ourselves.  It was a bittersweet day for us as we also had to bury their grandmother later that afternoon.  They would never meet Troy's mother, but she was already working hard as our guardian angel and was there with us and our doctor that morning.  It is a miraculous anniversary day for us for sure.
Three years ago today our babies were beginning their lives.  Cells were dividing into more cells.  Little pieces of DNA were coming together to create their beautiful eyes, sweet smiles and adorable fingers and toes.  It was an amazing process to be pregnant with triplets.  Obviously it had many challenges and was certainly not the most comfortable 34 weeks of my life, but totally worth it.  They are awesome!  I admit that I'm still not a fan of the crying and whining, but when I saw their faces light up when Daddy showed up at the window I got chills. 
I remember when we were pregnant and we would talk about how one day they would know how to express their excitement to see us and the whole concept of them running towards us and giving us big hugs and kisses.  We are there.  Three years later and we are there. 


"Auntie" Deb said...

This made me cry. SOOOO sweet.

Karen said...

Made me cry too. The little dumplins. :)