Sunday, June 27, 2010


Daddy and I were busy today working on spring cleaning.  Yes, I realize it is June and technically summer, but we do what we can.  Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom were kind enough to get the kids out of the house for two hours while we worked on the floors and kid's rooms and then decided to move some furniture around. 

We have missed our dining room table.  It was moved into the smaller "dining" room many moons ago when we realized that the kids really needed a play space of their own that was safe and confined.  The dining room has been a changing table and laundry space and general junk-collection zone ever since.  The visions of family meals around the table became a reality this afternoon.  We moved the table into our family room.  It's now parked behind our couch while the love seat and a desk were sent on their merry way to the smaller dining room until the play room is no longer necessary.  It's not the best arrangement (especially if you are looking at this from an interior design perspective), but it is pretty functional and, as I mentioned before, it allows us to eat as a family at one table.  It is rare that Troy and I would eat dinner with the kids (the logistics of fixing their food and ours in time, plus the fact that he is typically working until closer to their bedtime), but it will be nice to have that option.

I got a couple of pictures of their first meal at the table (even with the booster seats, they are still too low, so we had to bring in their trays anyway).  I think they were happy with the new arrangement.  It does have a great view of the TV right now, but we have decided that they will NOT be watching television while eating any meals (except maybe those in the car).  I don't know that they were even thinking about asking to watch TV as they were so excited to try out the "new" table.

I also wanted to share that my girls are not your typical girlie-girls.  Yes, they like to wear tutus on occasion and they love to accessorize with a purse, bracelet or necklace.  But they also like their cars and tractors. 
There are a couple of shots of Kendall playing with a car and she drove it all over the slide.  Later, I caught a funny one when Clark decided to pounce on Emma.  She got a laugh out of it at first, but then struggled when he wanted to bounce.  That's when she got frustrated and I had to intervene (it's also when I had to put the camera away).  She was VERY interested in her tractor book and was also less-than-pleased when her brother tried to steal it from her (again, Mommy intervention required).  It did result in a pretty big temper tantrum, but he's got to learn to quit stealing toys from his siblings.  So many things to learn and so little time.: )

The kids had a great time at the mall early today with Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom.  They had fun in the play zone area and also spent time walking through the mall (often holding hands again....awwwwww.....).  Lunch was another experience in the food court, which they seem to really enjoy as well.

All in all it was a busy day for the whole family and it's going to feel wonderful to get into my CLEAN SHEETS and rest up for for another Monday.   Nightie-night!

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