Sunday, June 6, 2010

M is for Meltdown!

Obviously we had watermelon with Daddy this evening.  He brought out one huge chunk and everyone got in on the fun!  We also had two or three moments where things could have gone very, very badly or not.  The kids actually shared and took turns with the car and it was peaceful.  Often, they fight, kick, hit and bite when the car exchanges hands.  We are really trying to convince them that it will be there later and they can ride it again one day. 
It's a good thing that I got the pictures done before bath time because we had a huge meltdown on our hands with Emma.  Initially, she and Clark were in good spirits upon their arrival upstairs for baths.  Kendall was done, dressed and playing the bedrooms.  (I've recently been trying to put a few toys in each bedroom so that we can try for some playtime in their own rooms occasionally.)  Clark and Emma seemed enthusiastic and were especially excited about their new toy stash.  They got to work playing with blocks before Mommy and Daddy summoned them for baths.  Neither came willingly and Emma proceeded to just lose it completely.  Both of us thought that once she was in the warm bath and had toys (especially the foam bath letters and numbers which are a big hit with all three) to entertain her, it would all be fine. 
That was definitely not the case this time and all she got was wet.  OK, Daddy did manage to wash her hair - BARELY, but that was it (did he even get shampoo in her hair???).  She kept screaming so I tried sitting with her and rocking her.  She started to calm a little until we tried drying her off and getting her dressed.  You would have thought that we were poking her eyes out because she really was upset and would not settle down. 
Soon Daddy started to take the kids downstairs to the playroom.  Emma fought all the way and then I heard him sort of panic when Emma tossed up her dinner on his shirt.  Nice.  But not surprising.  More than 20 minutes had elapsed with her crying, yelling and thrashing around, so it makes sense that she threw up, but it wasn't helpful for him in the midst of the whole meltdown.  I came down and got their favorite San Diego Zoo movie going and settled in on their couch to sit with her.  She FINALLY calmed and was content and quiet.
Clark and Kendall joined us and I really enjoyed the time relaxing with the three sitting snuggled up with me.  Kendall was stroking Emma's hair.  Clark even tried hugging Ems a few times.  She never looked back to the prior incident and the rest of the night seemed as though nothing had ever happened with her.  Go figure.
I'm now happily enjoy my clean sheets (it IS Clean Sheet Sunday, you know!) and ready to turn it all off and rest.

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