Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Secret City and A Poop 911

Daddy's work required a trip to Oak Ridge today, so we decided to make it a family outing and check out the Secret City Festival.  Our expectations were low because of the heat and the fact that we didn't know what to expect of the activities and events.  Unfortunately things took a little longer than planned, so the kids were ready to get out of the van and then we piled them up in the choo choo wagon.  What this meant was that they were STILL not burning any energy, so we planned to check out the Home Depot kid's craft workshop and the inflatable jumpy things. 
Once again, plans changed when we ran into an old acquaintance and then the ominous clouds began rolling into the area.  We, along with hundreds of other people, made a mad dash to the van to avoid the pending storm.  Troy hung out under an overhang while I ran to get the car.  It was pouring by the time we were loading them, but once they settled in for a good movie, they were fine.  We drove around for a while just trying to decide what to do and how to get them indoors without being struck by lightning or getting soaked (this was a serious soaking rain with lots of lightning and thunder).  We decided to hit the mall and let them burn off some energy in the play area and it was perfect.  Daddy ran to get a snack for the kids, so when he returned, they were willing to leave the play area for some food and drinks, which was a relief that we didn't experience any meltdowns whatsoever. 
Later, while he was cleaning the van and the kids were supposed to be napping, I heard Emma shouting "Yucky! Shew-wee!"  This means poop has occurred in almost 99 out of 100 cases.  I wandered upstairs (she was supposed to be about 45 minutes into her nap by now) expecting a poop diaper, but not a Poop 911!  She had (once again) gotten out of her sleep sack and had apparently pooped on her pillow and then gotten it everywhere else.  I was in shock and barely knew where to start.  Since she was already naked, I decided to plop her down on a potty and strip the bed of the mess.  This was bio hazard waste at it's best and, while it certainly could have been worse, I felt like I could never sanitize things enough to be comfortable letting her sleep in there again.  Obviously, I need to get past this notion and, for the most part, I have since she is in her own crib tonight as I type this.  I sent Daddy a text that read: "Poop 911!  Emma took everything off and pooped!  It's everywhere! Can use your help please!!!!"  He was home in about 5 minutes. 
So much for our Secret City venture.  It looked like they had a great turnout in terms of vendors/events and visitors.  I'm sorry that the storm hit because I don't know how many of those who left would attempt to come back later on in the day, but what can be done????  I'm hopeful that we will get the kids out there again next year and we won't need the choo choo and they can actually participate in kid's activities, shoes, etc. I'm ready to get to bed shortly since we have a big day planned for Father's Day.  

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