Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Play Ball!

We had a long day because Mr. Man (AKA Clark) decided to get up at 645a.  That's typical for a lot of people, but our schedules are very different from most and both of us had a difficult time sleeping at all last night (for various reasons) even before he woke up early.  So, we were excited about the prospect of getting the kids to one of Tommy and Stephanie's softball games tonight just to change things up a bit and provide them with a much needed chance to burn off some of that 28-month-old energy.  

Earlier, Auntie Karen took Kendall out for some one-on-one time.  They hit Barnes and Noble kid's area where she was very interested in other children (surprising since she is ALWAYS around someone).   They also checked out a local splash pad and, though K was somewhat hesitant to get in the water, she did like all of the action going on and was happy for Auntie Karen to hold her and walk around the perimeter.  They also got lunch to eat while at the park, so she had a busy early part of the day and I'm expecting her to sleep like a rock.

I will admit here that I am a terrible aunt and avoid outdoor games like the plague mostly because I am just so darn busy raising triplets and managing all that goes with that "job" of the heat (just being honest that I HATE heat and would love to live somewhere with Spring/Fall-like temperatures year-round.  Hawaii anyone????) And with the weather like it has been, I can't say why I even agreed to show up.  We were, however, blessed with a cloud that hovered over our heads and blocked the sun which kept the temperature a little more tolerable than it has been.  And I was curious to see how the kids would react to this new environment, so it was worth a try despite my tendency to melt when outdoors.

They did pretty well and enjoyed the freedoms of wandering around.  Clark and Kendall were not too interested in the game, but enjoyed the change of scenery and the chance to get out and MOVE.  Emma was the one most interested in watching the whole event, but still managed to wander some as well. There were a few cheers when Tommy hit a ball or others on the team made it to a base, so I'm thinking they might grow to love the game.  Lucky for me, huh????  **wink-wink**

And just to explain some things in pictures: 1.) Daddy bought a Kit Kat bar which he shared with the kids.  Warm weather + toddlers + chocolate = a HUGE mess, but they loved it!  2.) All three managed to trip and fall and skin their right knee.  It was sad, but sort of a rite of passage, don't you think?  3.) I'm also including some shots that Auntie Karen took while she was out with Kendall (see above).

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Karen said...

Hmmm. I guess I should have gotten a picture when K had the pink princess book in her hand since we were at Barnes & Noble! But she was loving that train table. It was fun to see them all tonight. Isn't it nice that they LOVED the Kit Kat but they loved their mini boxes of raisins too?