Friday, June 25, 2010

Skinny Jeans Not Recommended

I had to work today and it was jeans day, so I took advantage of the opportunity. They aren't really "skinny", but the kind that are narrower at the ankle (similar to what we could wear in the 80s, but without the zippers).  Anyway, I got them for a STEAL and have to throw them in the wardrobe rotation at times.  So, that was my attire for work.   This afternoon, I came home and grabbed the kids and their shoes and got everyone piled into the van for an outing. 
My initial plan was to hit Earth Fare for some organic produce, but remembered that they do not have carts that will accommodate our brood when we are shopping alone with the kids.  Their carts only hold one child, so that would require me to put two in the cart itself (breaking all the rules as described on the plastic seats) and then where would I put the fresh produce????  It would most likely end up bruised, squished, squeezed and pummeled until it was virtually unrecognizable (if not consumed)  before we got out of the store. 
So, I ditched thse plans and headed to McDonald's to grab food for all of us.  Yes, McD's.  It's not the most ideal choice, but I was looking for fast and easy since I was on my own and just didn't want to brave the heat while unloading and reloading my little dumplins at a restaurant.  The kids did great and Kendall even stole my cheeseburger and ate almost the entire thing.  They love french fries but their desires run equally as high for the the apple slices (sans caramel since they don't even know that stuff exists!).   We had milk, raisins and we were on our way.  Our weekend plans include taking them out for water activities in the morning, so I thought I'd try to see what the hours are for the place we are going to hit.  I called one of our friends (and  baby-helper extraordinaire), Miss Pam, because she lives near the water park thing.  I explained my plans, asked for directions to said park and then she kindly offered to meet me at the play area to let the kids run around.  We were able to swing, slide and walk by the water to check out the boats, although Kendall was the only one even remotely interested in wandering away from the play area.
Here's where I suggest NOT wearing skinny jeans!  It was VERY hot and we were right out in the sunshine but, of course, my original plans didn't include a park, so I didn't see the need to change before leaving the house.  I felt like I was going to bake right into those jeans and never get them off of me.  : )  (I did survive and immediately changed once we were home, for the record.)
BUT the kids had a great time.  We were all sweaty and worn out after about 45 minutes.  I bribed them back to the van with promises of cold drinks and ice cream.  Miss Pam met us at a convenience store so that I could run in and I picked out ice cream sandwiches for everyone.  We ate messy, melting ice cream sandwiches in the car and cooled off.  They were super-yummy!
I'm including some pictures of Emma at the Splash Pad from her Thursday outing with Auntie Karen.  I forgot to post them last night.  It looks like she LOVED it there!
Here's to a great, action-packed weekend! 

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Oh, Snapp! said...

My dear heavens, Kim - I am always amazed at how BIG your babies are getting and how fast they are growing! I love reading your blog and keeping up with everyone!