Saturday, June 5, 2010


"In our village, we don't wear clothes." - quote from a friend's niece

Let me start out by saying, I am NOT a naked-person.  If you know me well at all (or even just a little), you have probably learned that I don't often wear shorts or bathing suits, let along prance around anywhere naked.  Trust me when I say that I'd probably shower with something on if I could get similar results.  I have actually considered it, but then realized that I'd just create more laundry for myself because those very wet clothes would need laundering, or drying at the very least, so it's just too much effort.  Don't ask me when or why this started, but I'm just not a naked person.
Moving on to the kids....they might be naked people.  I can't imagine how that would have happened, but I guess it is possible.  Take Clark for instance, he loves to be naked, at least from the waist down.  Could it be that he is ready for potty-training?  Or is it that he is like is mother and doesn't like all of that stuff around his waist (I hate belts, the waistbands of any pants/jeans, tucked-in shirts because I can't stand that all at my waist).  Is he just being a boy and wants to enjoy the wind blowing through his know what I mean?  
So, this afternoon, we had some fun time playing in the backyard with Mimi (our neighbor behind us) and her two grandsons.  The kids also had on swim suits and got into the turtle pool and the water table.  And, in my infinite wisdom, I decided that the only way they would consider taking a break to eat would be if I brought out their chairs/trays so that they could eat on the porch (and I could avoid another wardrobe change since baths were after dinner). 
Of course, they loved eating dinner on the back porch, especially since Poo Pa joined them.  But soon they were ready to hit the water again and play a little more.  Emma decided that her swim suit was wet (and probably cold) and she didn't want to wear it.  Daddy let her strip down in an effort to keep her from having a meltdown (and he also knew that baths were just around the corner in our highly predictable schedule).  That was all it took to encourage Kendall to do the same.  She immediately wanted to strip down also.  And then Clark came wandering out of the backyard playhouse with his swim shorts around his ankles and working the swimmie-diaper off.  My kids were now naked.  In. The. Backyard.  God and everyone could now see them running around and they were loving it!  I decided that I'd take some pictures and will only keep/post those that are cute, funny and appropriate for sharing here.  Hope you get a giggle or two out of them!
Oh, and check out what Kendall was learning from the neighbor's grandson.  She was watching with intense curiosity while he climbed into the playhouse through the window.  I'm sure that I'll see that ninja-move again sometime soon. 

Ice cream sandwiches are probably much better when you have nothing on but your birthday suit, wouldn't you agree????? 


Anonymous said...

Love that post! My favorite pictures are the naked with shoes... They are growing so fast, very much enjoy your blog everyday!

Anonymous said...

OMG...that's all I have to say. If I didn't know better, I'd have to say these weren't your children. tlm

Coffeybunny said...

Naked people in your yard?! And they're cute too. :)
From your naked friend, as in currently naked. phhbbttththhth!