Thursday, June 3, 2010

Somersaults! Woo hoo!

The kids love it when we get out the mats and the fold-up slide and sort of have gymnastics.  They have been working on their somersaults and usually require some assistance.  Tonight, though, each one of them was able to manage a somersault on their own.  My babies are growing up!  Clark looks goofy in the last picture because he's flopping out at the end of a somersault and was completely tickled about it.  He was all giggles when all three were rolling around on the floor practicing.  We had a few close-calls, but no one bumped heads with another sibling while practicing which has been an issue in the past.  They all tend to want to bend over and start in the same place, so it can get a little hairy since they don't recognize the danger of knocking each other in the noggin yet.
The girls saw the rose from Poo Pa on the counter in the kitchen when they were eating dinner.  Kendall pointed to it and said "Poo Pa" (or Pee Pa. I can't remember).  Then they asked to smell it.  Very cute.  And precious since he brought it over just for his girls.  : )  Thanks Poo Pa!

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