Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sometimes we like each other.

Sometimes they do seem to actually like each other.  This evening appeared to be one of those times.  Ironically though, Clark is sitting slightly away from his sisters in the window because there had been a fight over the banana chips and he got scratched across the face.  He retreated to the other side and stuck to eating what was in his own bowl.  I felt sorry for him, but he was trying to eat the snack from their bowl instead of his own and they weren't interested in sharing.
They didn't eat much at dinner and Kendall asked me "Eat?" around 7pm.  I explained that they already had dinner.  Her response?  "Ummm.  Come 'ere.  Snack?" It was so cute that I had to get her some banana chips since she tried to be polite.  I think I even got a "Please?" in there at some point.
Later there were lots of group hugs, individual hugs and holding hands while walking around the play room.  It was so sweet!  These are the times that we have imagined and discussed.  We wonder how they will get along as a group, as siblings.  I know that there will definitely be good days and bad years days.  Thirteen times three should be incredibly interesting!  But it is nice to know that they always have each other and I hope that they will have a bond that is strong and special.  

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Karen said...

Oooohhhh! I love them! So sweet. And the things Kendall comes up with...funny little girl. :) Hugs & kisses to the dumplins.