Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where Oh Where Oh Where is Starbreaky????

Exactly what IS a starbreaky?  It's a strawbaby, of course.  Which is really a strawberry.  Kendall and Emma don't quite have the word "strawberry" down despite how much they LOVE the fruit.  We've started this new "game" while reading a Fisher Price Little People book where we sing "Where Oh Where Oh Where Is______?"  It's sort of way to see what words and objects they know and a way to teach them new ones.  This particular book has all sorts of things around the neighborhood - a school, firehouse, farm, market.  There are many things to discover on each page, so we started singing the little "Where Oh Where" thing and it seems to be a keeper with the girls.  Now Kendall is trying it out with other books and was singing it to herself looking for the "starbreakies".  She had Daddy cracking up. 
The temperatures were slightly more bearable today, so we got outside in the backyard to hang out after dinner.  I was able to grab the point-and-shoot on my way out the door.  I see a slight problem looming in that they have found these green "berries" that really look a lot like peas.  Kendall and Clark were both caught trying to eat them when I scolded that we do not eat things like that in the yard unless Mommy and Daddy say that it is OK.  Ugh.  How do you teach them this lesson?  And how do I figure out if these stupid berry things are harmful or harmless?  Beyond the berry incident, we had fun on the swings and just hanging out in the back corner where the yard trash pile is composting itself.  The kids have a bazillion toys and cool things to play with, but what were they interested in?????????

Yup.  They wanted to play in the trash pile and poke sticks into it.  Fortunately nothing jumped out at us, though that might have been a good lesson for them.  And then they all wanted to sit at the patio table and just bang on it.  Emma was also interested in the basil plant on the table and wanted to "smell" it because it is a plant and she likes to smell plants and flowers. 
Oh and Kendall learned how to push her brother and sissy (in a nice way) in the swing.  She was so cute and SO proud of herself.  In fact, Emma wanted to get in a swing and kept yelling for sissy to come and push her and wouldn't even let me push her.  Hmmppphh.  I really don't intend to complain because that pushing-them-in-the-swing-thing can get a little tiresome after a while. 
We have big plans for an outing tomorrow, so I can't wait to share pictures and stories. 


Oh, Snapp! said...

Kim -

Has anyone ever told you that you could be a professional photographer? You take amazing photos of your babies!

Karen said...

They are so hard at work. What good little helpers. :)