Saturday, June 26, 2010

Splash Pad!

We finally took all three kiddos to the Splash Pad this morning.  It was awesome!  They really loved it and we were SO fortunate that Miss Pam showed up (not long after we arrived) to see them and play for a while.  I was able to pull out the point-and-shoot camera and take just a few quick shots.  It was so busy that you really had to keep your eyes on them the whole time.  And they are never in one place for very long.
There are things that squirt water, buckets that dump water and other chances to just get splashed, so it wasn't an ideal place for the "other" (DSLR) camera.  Once the kids sort of got the hang of things, Kendall and Emma couldn't get enough of the fun!  By the time I had the camera out, Clark was running out of steam, so I was only able to get a couple of shots from a distance.  Once we finally decided to head out, it was the promise of a box of raisins for each one that got them to agree to accompany us to the van. 
[NOTE: They were wearing disposable diapers instead of their swimmie pants, so they are looking a little "bulky." ]
It was a great place and I hope we can get them back many more times this summer because it really was a lot of fun!

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