Monday, June 14, 2010

Goofing around with Shrek and Clark's New Moves

The kids got a Shrek toy in a Happy Meal (OK, actually it was MY Happy Meal, but at least I shared the toy, right?).  Anyway, I pulled it out tonight when someone was cranky about being last on the list for baths.  It served an immediate purpose as it kept the tantrum at bay and later it was just plain entertaining.  Emma decided to give Shrek a ride down the slide.
Not long after that, Clark was working on his moves on the slide.  I call that particular ride "the bullet".  I don't really see what fun it is because it looks like it would hurt and he doesn't really get much momentum since he's almost as long as the slide now.  But it makes him happy, so I took a picture of his ride.
Emma is upstairs right now talking and singing...anything but sleeping, but that's fine by me.  As long as she is content being in her room and in her crib, then I'm happy.  She still seems to enjoy this quiet time on her own.  I think Kendall falls asleep almost immediately because she is always up earlier in the morning chatting and singing.  It appears that the girls are on completely opposite "internal clocks".
Clark is still having tantrums when we put him down for bed and it's frustrating because it often leads to caving and giving him a paci to get him to quiet down.  I know that we are probably just giving him what he wants and I want to punch myself in the face for that, but then again, hearing him scream and have a fit when we try to get him to sleep is worse than a punch in the face (in my own humble opinion).  He's just sort of into the whiny-tantrum-phase right now and I'm hoping "this too shall pass" but I'd say that I need to get a little tougher at dealing with his bouts of anger and screaming.  He's so darn cute most of the time, but that tantrum thing really does a number on my mind and I am determined to work on this particular issue during the next week or so.
Right now, I'm going to enjoy a little R&R and try to get to bed early.

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