Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time with Friends

My friend, Laurie, and her triplets (M,A and W) came over this afternoon to play with the kiddos.  They all seemed to have a lot of fun.  I was happy that Emma learned all of their names and would point to each child and proclaim their name very loudly and enthusiastically.   Kendall also showed her sweet side and seemed to want to guide the "babies" (that is what she calls them) and show them how to do things.  She would pat them on the shoulder or leg, try to hug and even got in on encouraging them when they tried out the slide.
It was so cute to see them all interact.  No one was that interested in dinner, but they all ate just a little before we headed to the garage for some playtime with Play Doh and riding toys.  Soon it was time for the other triplets to go home and get baths, so Mommy had to bribe the remaining children (mine) back indoors with the promise of ice cream.  I would come inside for ice cream, wouldn't you?
Thanks to Laurie for sharing some of her pictures with me (and most posted tonight are hers).

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