Thursday, June 17, 2010

Daddy and Emma

Daddy and Emma had a date-night tonight.  I had been hoping to go to Bunco and Aunties Lynn & Deb were kind enough to hold down the fort with Kendall and Clark. 
Since I had worked all day, I didn't get a chance to take pictures, so that left Daddy to man the camera (just the point-and-shoot) while he was out with Emma.  As he explained, it's just such a big event to get one-on-one time with any of the kids, he managed to get a few pictures at Books-a-Million and forgot about the camera for the rest of the evening.  I can't blame him because it sounds like they had lots of fun.
Recap:  A quick trip to play in the children's area at Books-a-Million and see friends who work/hang out there.  Then on to Toys R Us to look for bathtub paint.  Then they had a hot fudge cake at Buddy's Bar-b-que and a short visit to the grocery store as well.  It sounds like they both had a great time and Daddy really treasured the chance to spend quality time focused on just one of his precious crew.
And it looks like Ems loves sunglasses these days!  How fabulous is she?!?!?


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Sunglasses and bangles, you may just have a fashionista on your hands!! -Megan

john cave osborne said...

he filled in admirably, but the ones you take are off the hook. your header with your trio at the rainy window is brilliant!

happy father's day to troy. hope you guys have a great weekend...