Friday, June 4, 2010


I  am way too tired to write, except to say that I realize that the last shot (with all three in the window) isn't the best quality, but it was worth something to me.  That picture was taken as Daddy was coming home.  They didn't get to see much of him on Thur or Fri, so they were thrilled when he arrived.

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Ashley said...

Well hello again stranger. I cannot BELIEVE how much the babies have grown, and they are all absolutely adorable!!! It seems like just yesterday I was juggling them in the middle of the night trying to keep them quiet enough to allow you guys a few hours of worry free rest. It looks like you have managed beautifully, and now that I have found you again I will be sure to keep in touch. Give the kids my love, and maybe we can meet up next time we are out your way. We also now have three (Alex-9, Abbi-3, and Annabelle-1)...and I am still a NICU nurse. P.S.I love the links....
Ashley Gifford