Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My kids are bored.  It's hot outside and the adults would prefer to stay indoors, but we must get them outdoors.  Our sitter had them out in the yard playing with water toys this morning before lunch and naps, so I decided we would hit the garage after naps.  They were restless in the playroom and I knew the only solution would be a change of scenery.
Once we headed for the garage, Kendall melted down because she thought I meant the backyard, not the actual garage.  I persisted with my plans and won though it took considerable coaxing.  We pulled out the play doh and the crayons and paper plates (a new entertaining surface to use to express our creativity).  Once that got old, I thought I'd draw an abbreviated hopscotch pattern in chalk.  Kendall LOVES to jump and I thought she might enjoy jumping in the squares.  It worked....for about 5 minutes and then she was bored again. 
Clark and Emma were in a war to get a certain container of play doh and a plastic knife.  She had it and walked around with it for about 20 minutes while he continued to try to steal it from her.  I wouldn't allow it and offered him other lumps of play doh and other plastic knives but he wasn't having any of it. 
Eventually, we had to come inside.  It was well past dinner time and I hadn't even begun to cook anything.  Clark and Emma were both screaming bloody murder, so I turned on a Signing Times DVD.  Have I mentioned how much I love those DVDs?  I've really enjoyed learning some of the signs along with the kiddos.  I highly recommend them to anyone who has young children (especially those not able to talk yet, or just learning). 
Anyway, due to the heat and the play doh war, I wasn't able to get too many shots of my little dumplins this evening, but hope you enjoy these.

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